Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday - not too bad

Still not having breakfast! the one victory about today was that I did not have any chocolate! woo hoo a whole 24 hours without chocolate. Did not know I could do that!!!
Breakfast - none(;-()
Lunch - salad and chicken kebab
Supper - salad and steak

a good workout in the gym.............. and lots of water/tea/coffee

I was pleased with today but no oat bran and no breakfast!

the sugar cravings are seriously weird - I just have to have sugar and normally that is so not me????
Due to the internet connection I am on here I cannot comment on some of the blogs I follow so that is not good. Well done you guys - I am still reading them but just can't comment. xxx

Monday, January 30, 2012


Transgressions - I am having one as I type!!!!!! I blame it on the weather!! Heaven forbid I should blame it on my own lack of will power!!!
Breakfast - 3 cookies(brilliant I know)
Lunch - steak and salad
Supper - mince and cauliflower mash which would have been nice if I didn't put so much garlic with it!!!! ugh I am still smelling..........reeking of garlic!!!

Not a great day - but I am posting anyway!!!!
I better just go to bed before I eat some more chocolate!!!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Best friends

Just thought I would post a little something to say thanks to by best friend who supports me through all the mad and crazy things I do. All the life changing decisions and new ventures are accepted and more than that she actively supprts me.

Thanks Maxx for the encouragement with the dieting, jogging and just surviving.................You really are my best friend..............

Meatball Mania

Today I started with zest and vim!!!!
I had an interesting breakfast/brunch of meatballs and dipping sauce.
Then some more meatballs because I just craved them!!
Breakfast - meatballs
Lunch - meatballs
Supper - enchiladas without the flour wrap and some chicken kafta with chopped cucumber and tomato.
Oat bran cookie

I found this great website today with all these recipes. I know that I need to be organised or else everything else will just seem tastier.............
On another note we are having bad electricity again. Wow most of today without electricity. As I am typing this with my green and mint tea my husband is sitting next to me eating a Bounty................the smell is wafting over!! Grrrrrrrrrr Go away.
I liked Charlottes idea of noting down transgressions - will start writing them down from tomorrow see if that helps keep me on my toes.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

AWOL but now I am back - and Parmesan Oat Bran toasts

Well I am back after a few days away and ........ahem....... some non Dukan moments!!!!!
Happily when I stood on the scale this morning I still weighed 68 so it seems that my slight naughtiness did not affect me negatively.
Funny thing is how hard it is to climb back on the wagon after falling off even if it was just for 4 or so days.
So anyway I am back and will start again with my food posting - oh I tried something new with my oatbran - well new for me.
I have made the chocolate oat bran biscuits in the microwave and that helps when I want something sweet. Well last night I did not want sweet I wanted savoury so this is what I did:

Parmesan Oat Bran toasts

2T Oat bran
sprinkle of salt
couple sprinkles of parmesan cheese
splash of milk to mix it

I zapped it in the microwave until it was crispy - I made 2 savoury biscuits or cracker toasts and let me tell you - they were great! It was almost like having toast!
OK well I will be regular from tomorrow. It has been great catching up on all the blogs again.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday - its nearly weekend yippeeeeee

Why am I so excited about the weekend? Well we have been married for 14 years and we are going away to a romantic hotel for the weekend. So I can't wait! ....................

This exceedingly well angled :-) photo was us taken last year on our anniversary and I was about 5 kg lighter! sigh.......well I have hope and faith I will get there again soon.

So I have been extra motivated this week to stay strong because I know we will eat out for at least 2 meals and the breakfast at the hotel so if I have lots of PP then I will give myself some lee way!

Breakfast - zero fat yoghurt
Lunch - chicken kafta, diet halloum cheese and some prawns fried with some cooking spray
Supper - salad(it was a PV day but I spent most of the day eating PP)
Dessert - 3 chocolate Oat bran cookies

No exercise except for climbing the stairs to the 4th floor a few times.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Carb free day

It was a good day foodwise. I was so busy that only ended up eating breakfast really late. By the time I got home I was so hungry and quickly prepared some meaty food so that was all good.
Breakfast - zero fat yoghurt
lunch - 1 turkey sausage, 3 chicken kafta pieces and prawns in lemon
Supper - grilled chicken with garlic
dessert - Oat bran porridge

It is still cold and I was so freezing and reluctant to leave my nice warm house and go to gym but I have to tell you ladies and gentlemen(if there are any who read this blog) I went to gym and ran for 15 minutes solid. I ran walked the rest of the 1/2 hour and did 15 minutes on the bikes. Boy - did I feel good and hot after wards. Tired and sore but good!!!
Another day over.............I have decided to take it 1 day at a time!!!
Hope everyone else had a good day.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday - a good day

Brunch - 4 slices of chicken kafta
Supper - Mexican style mince with tomato, cucumber and lettuce - Taco salad without the taco.
Snack - Oat bran porridge
Snack - half a slice of cake

Went out to visit my friend and she proudly brought out her homemade cake. I had a small slice and then only ate half of that. I can see that losing this weight is not going to be easy but I did it before so I know I will do it again. As long as I can stay motivated. No exercise today but gym tomorrow.
Can you believe it is still raining - those who follow my blog will know it has been raining now on and off for the last 2 weeks. This is the Middle East folks - NOT ENGLAND!!!! What is going on??????

Sunday, January 15, 2012


We were invited out for lunch and one of the main dishes was a hearty soup made with lentils and cracked wheat!!!! So it was over before I started!!!
2nd course was kafta - which was fine as it was tomatoes and meat with slices of courgette and potato. I only had a very little of that because I was so full of the soup!
I am going to suffer tonight - I can feel it in my bones................
Then out came the After Eights and it seemed that all self control left the room.

So I have decided not to beat myself up over this and I am so glad that tomorrow is Monday - can start again!!!!!
I had no real will power at all - very weird!
Hope everyone else had a better day than I did!!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday Update

Breakfast - oat bran cookie and 2 cups of tea
Lunch - halloum, yellew pepper, cotgette salad on rocca leaves and coffee with skim milk
half a piece of apple pie(I was out and we won a free dessert)
Supper - chicken Caesar salad

Yesterday I went to the gym and ran and cycled for 45 min. Walked up the stairs countless times yesterday as the electricity was at it's usual game of being non existent.

Someone said that tea and coffee really slows down the metabolism? Is that true? I do drink a lot of tea so maybe that is slowing down my weightloss??
Sun is briefly shining in a gloomy day so that is good news. I have been doing washing and laundry all morning - do we have to wear so many clothes?????


Thursday, January 12, 2012

NEED SUGAR - NOW!!!!!!!!

Oh when will this weather stop! It has been raining, cold and misreable for days now. It is making me want sweet things - rather blame anything else other than me!!!
I am so tempted to just open the tin of peanut butter cookies I baked yesterday and eat a good few with a cup of tea!!! help!!!
My will power is fading.................

Breakfast - Oatbran porridge and scrambled egg in the microwave(I knew it was going to be one of those days when I was so hungry at breakfast)
Lunch - Steak
Snack - 1 peanutbutter cookie and small mouthful of choc cake(I know!!!!!)
Supper - tuna salad with small amount of lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber

I am feeling glum and have nothing cheery to say so I best just get offline and go to bed early! Rather that than eat something naughty again.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I can't seem to move off 67.5/68. I have not posted 67.5 because it changes all the time.
It is so cold and rainy here that I can't walk outside - maybe I will do a long walk this afternoon??? On the treadmill.

Brunch - Steak and fish and tiny bit of avo(maybe the avo is stopping me???)
Snack - turkey sausage
Supper - It was technically a PV day so I had bean stew which was yummy and then had a noisy tummy with wind most of the night.
Dessert - zero fat yoghurt

No Oat bran, in fact after I finish this I will make sure to have my oat bran for breakfast today.

I have def lost weight because my stomach is not so bloated and a couple of my trosers are fitting better. It would be so nice to see some movement on the scales though!!!
Onward and upward(or should I say downward)
I am frustrated but not enough to give up so I will keep going.

Still struggling with the Slim and Sassy drops. I followed someone's advice to put them under my tongue, hold them there and then drink loads of water. It was def better that way. Get it over in one go but never managed more than once again yesterday.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday - had another PP day............

I weighed myself and I must admit that I was kind of disappointed that I had not lost any more. I have been very good and can't believe that 1 sweet potato last night will have done that??? Will weigh again tomorrow - I just know you want to move down scale!!!!!!

Today I ate:
Breakfast - 1 zero fat yoghurt
Lunch - More of the pan fried fish with some lemon and 1 turkey sausage
Supper - 1 piece of steak, egg and a little bit of avo
Dessert - Oat bran porridge

I decided to have another PP day as tomorrow we eat out and I know I can eat salad or something then.
I was really looking forward to the veg but I guess I can hold on one more day.
I also went running this afternoon - my first exercise in 6 weeks. I was really pleased that I could still run although I am def not as good as I was before. Anyway the last thing I felt like was running or any exercise actually but I knew I would feel better afterwards.
On another note I am really struggling with the taste of the "Slim and Sassy" in my water. Ugh it tastes horrible, I could barely drink what I managed to drink yesterday. I am not sure what to do about that? maybe I will try something else, I notice on some people's blogs they are also taking some sort of diet pill or something to reduce their appetite.

Well I must confess it is 7 pm and I am siting here with the kids wishing I could just go to bed right now. If that is what running does to me then I am truly pathetic tonight!!!
OK well I will sign off and check in tomorrow again.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Marvellous Monday PP

Well I had to think of something cheery to start the post with. It is Monday. It poured all day and it is cold! Normally I am very hungry when it is cold but obviously the carbs have left the body the proteins are filling me up.

Had some Slim and Sassy in water. 3 drops in a glass - I found is very strong. Tomorrow I will try for 2 times in the day. Could not manage more than 1 today I am afraid.

Breakfast - Chocolate Oat bran cookie, it was nice and crispy and with my cup of tea mid morning felt positively decadent!!!
Lunch - 3 fillets of fish that I flash fried in a non stick pan with a dab of olive oil. Squeezed lemon on top and it was sooooo good(hence why I had 3 pieces) I also put a little bit of Ranch dressing on.
The fish kept me full until about 7 pm!

Supper - chicken escalope - without the crumbs( just a small piece)

Then I visited my friend and there were about 4 of us there. Because of the weather she had baked loads of sweet potatoes. Oh no - my heart sunk! It is just not possible to say no here in Lebanon to that kind of hospitality. So I had a small amount of sweet potato. I am hoping it won't have a bad effect on my weigh in tomorrow. I have been drinking loads of water and tea and coffee so I know my liquids are more than fine.

My period has started and it explains why I have been so tired and lacking in energy today. Also why I now feel like eating chocolate. I shall resist, drink my mint tea and go to bed.
Tomorrow is PV - yay!!!!!!
I will end with this funny thing I read on Facebook.

"They say you are what you eat.............hmm that's funny, I don't remember eating any sexy beast today" For some reason that appealed to me and I cracked up laughing in the staff room, I think the rest of the staff think I am CRAZY.
Hope you had a good day

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Saturday(PP) and Sunday(PV) food diary

Brunch - bobotie and some prawns in lemon juice dressing
Supper - the rest of the bobotie
Snack - Oat bran cookie

I made the cookie with some sugar free cocoa so it was chocolaty - yummy

Breakfast - Chocolate Oatbran cookie. zapped it a little longer than normal in the microwave and it went crispy!
Lunch - Loads of salads. We were out so I ate the salad options which were not brilliantly healthy but better than the nachos and roast potatoes that were also on offer. I also confess to having guacamole with my salad!!
Supper - pan fried baby marrow with egg.

All in all I was pleased with my day. Tomorrow will be PP again. I need to get those days in, so maybe I will do 2 days.
Sorry for the boring entries today but we have been out all day and I am bushed.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Weigh day - Did anything change

Well apart from me feeling thinner - is that possible in just 5 days. Also bear in mind that day 5 was not exactly the best last day of attack.
So I stepped on the scales and............
I had lost 2 kg. I was so pleased!!!
And I am encouraged to go on which is exactly the point. I remember that my weak points last time were the PP days - really struggled with them for some reason. Hope everyone else has had a good weigh in.

Day 5 Re Attack

Day 5 was hard. We had guests and I made all sorts of things that I don't normally make. The funny thing is that I am not even a huge bread lover but the moment I make the statement that I am not going to eat bread, all I want is..............you got it...........BREAD. I made raison bread yesterday and I watched everyone slice it steaming from the oven and I literally started to drool!!! So I took a bite - did it help? No, I just wanted more of course but I did not have it!!

This is what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast - low fat halloum, a few mushrooms and some prawn salad with a bit of diet mayyo.
Lunch - hardboiled egg and a few pieces of low fat halloum
Snack - Oat bran porridge
Supper - Bobotie (South African mince dish with curry spices)and I cheated by having some onion and tomato salad with vinegar with it.You are supposed to have chutney and banana and cocconut with it so I guess the salad choice was the best on the table although not strictly attack food.

So I must say it was not the best day of attack but I was still pleased I had made it and phew attack is over. NEED SALAD NOW!!!!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 4 - Re attack

Today I am groaning because I ate so much meat! I went to the shops and bought lods of snack and practically ate most of them today - oops.
Still I feel good, maybe a dessert before I go to bed????

Brunch - Steak and egg and diet Halloumi cheese with 3 mini pickles
Snack - Oat bran cookie
Snack - Prawns with a little diet mayyo
Supper - Left over steak and some more Diet Halloumi and a few more pickles.
3 cups of tea, 1 cup coffee, 3 glasses of water

I actually feel good - although very full. Last day of Attack tomorrow.
Day off tomorrow - lie in!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 3 - Attack "Snack Attack"

Well it started off better because I actually had a bowl of porridge before I started my time in school. I also kept busy so that is a help.
Last night though I had an attack of "SNACK" Oh my - that was hard and I seriously had nothing in the house that would satisfy. So there I was poking through my fridge hoping there was a yoghurt or something that was hidden behind all the stuff when I found.......da da da daaaaaaaaa
A tub of plain zero fat yoghurt. I was so excited - it was pathetic!!! But it still was not going to satisfy my suddenly sweet craving.........hmm what else could I find?????? I found a vanilla zero fat/sugar instant pudding. I mixed some of it with the yoghurt and you know what???? Either I was crazy or it tasted GOOD!

So yesterday looked like this:

Breakfast - oat ban porridge with sweetener
cup of tea and cup of coffee
Lunch - Loads of grilled meat - kebabs and kafta - they came with fries and did I eat them???? NO I did not!!!!
Supper - we were out at someone's house and they had a rice dish and green salad. So I opted for the salad and a diet pepsi. Not strictly attack but better than eating the rice dish!!!
Snack - Zero fat yoghurt and vanilla pudding.

So here is what I have decided. I need to have lots of little tubs of yoghurt around. I also need to have snacks around so I am off to our very exciting supermarket here in Tyre(that is my way of saying it is not very exciting, and does not really have a variety of low fat/zero fat snacks)
Anyway one can always hope and dream.

I will come back with turkey ham and snackssssssssss
Have a great day everyone

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hard day today - Day 2 of Attack

Today was hard, possibly because I was so busy at school that I kept going with 2 cups of coffee and only ate my oatbran at around 1:15 in the afternoon. Will try not to do that again. I did not feel so hungry in the morning so managed to keep going, once I ate the bran I felt so hungry and then ate chicken salad. So here is what I ate:

Breakfast - nothing(won't do that again)
2 cups of coffee and 2 glasses of water
Lunch - Oat bran porridge with sweetener and then chicken salad
2 cups of tea
2 fried eggs with a smattering of onions and lemon juice for flavour
Snack - 1 zero fat prune yoghurt

I really struggle on the PP days to eat a variety of food. It seems my regulars will be eggs and oat bran. I am also tired of chicken after 2 days of it so today I will try beef. Turkey Ham would also be an option!
So even though it was hard I did not feel tempted to cheat and my family had PHD pizza for supper. I am not a huge pizza fan but the strange thing about this diet is that in the beginning anyway, once you cut out carbs all you want is carbs............that may be just me, and I know I am weird anyway:-)

I had forgotten how inspirational is is to read everyone elses blog and know I am not alone out there.
Hope everyone has a good day

New Year - new beginning

I am guessing that when I do a search for some Dukan blogs I might find a whole lot more than before. Perhaps people are starting their New Year resolutions like me!!!!

I am not sure why my blog dried up but I guess I just slipped more and more into my old ways of eating. In the beginning I felt ill eating carbs but it is amazing how quickly my body accepted them again. I have not felt healthy for a while so I have taken the New Year as my opportunity to start again.

Started yesterday and am doing 5 days of PP.
I stood on the scale and was horrified to see that I had gone back up to 70 kg again. I am going to keep at it no matter how hard it is or how slow. I know that if I stick to it properly my weight will go down and the more dedicated I am the quicker it will get there.
I also have a few secret weapons this time:
  • I have started jogging
  • My sister in law in USA sells DoTerra Essential oils and she sent me a blend called "Slim and Sassy - I LOVE THE NAME - read the reviews, it looks great!!!
Anyway I will be posting regularly to try and keep myself accountable.

2 January 2012
Breakfast - Tea and Oatbran porridge with sweetener
Lunch - Tea and 2 fried eggs
Supper - Pan fried(spray) Chicken with a low fat cream cheese sauce - YUMMY

So this is me finished for the day - I have also decided I am not weighing myself until the 5 days are over, if I can wait that long. hmm maybe I should weigh daily............it might encourage me?? Opinions????
Jeanette xxx