Monday, December 27, 2010

Revenge of the carb pig out and the proposed counter attack - who's with me?????

Well firstly let me say Merry Christmas and Thank goodness that is over!
I was so looking forward to Christmas and all it had to offer. I ate potatoes, and all sorts of non Dukan things. I was most surprised that I did not enjoy it that much. Plus I spent the next 24 hours with vomiting and diarrhea as my poor body rejected all those delicious foods.

So I was not a happy bunny and the proposed counter attack will start on 2 January.
Back to Dukan, back to delicious salads, meat, back to my OAT BRAN. Oh how I have missed thee oatbran.
The great weigh in will be on Sunday morning - ta da...............not so looking forward to that. My new years resolution will be back to daily blogging as that keeps me looking forward to hearing from some of you bloggers out there. e should form a January Attack club.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

An age since I have been on here

Just wanted to pop in to say that I am still alive although incredibly busy. I have decided that I will go off Dukan over Christmas although I am still staying away from carbs mostly. After Christmas I will attack the last 5 kg with gusto. It is just too tricky and I don't want to spend this time being rigid. I am upping my exercise and taking in as few carbs as possible. With luck I will maintain my weight over Christmas and start again in January.

So I will be back in January, hope everyone has a Merry Christmas. i will still be checking all your blogs and you guys are doing so well.
Happy Christmas!!!