Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Green Protein Shake - ugh!

Woo too call the Guinness Book of Records - I finally started Dukan again yesterday.  Really a spectacular time of year to be going on a diet!!!!NOT
It is still cold and the type of weather where I feel like buying a Milky Bar and cuddling up with my kindle for the afternoon.
But I was inspired to get moving and get started with Dukan again.  As I always say, I felt amazing when I was on Dukan.  No tummy gurgles and gases and embarrassing noises in quiet moments......Plus the weight loss which was why I went on it in the first place.

So I had a good start yesterday and then I decided to buy a protein shake so that if I fancied something different I could have one.  It came in sachets and I decided to buy 2 just to try them.  My first shock was that the stuff was dark grey - when I aded it to my water/milk mixture then the whole drink turned green. I felt like I was in a Harry Potter book about to drink some disgusting concoction from a potion class.  However I poured the drink into a travel cup so that I did not have to see it while I was drinking and managed to get 90% of it down.  I will not buy it again as I am pretty sure you are supposed to enjoy what you eat and drink.  It was like drinking a mixture with a powder that did not dissolve so it was like drinking sand - YUCK and double YUCK.

I must say I was so disappointed as I had really hoped that I would find a nice alternative for a meal every now and then.  The other shakes in the shop came in HUGE tubs so I am so glad I did not buy one of them in case they taste woful too.  I will have to keep searching.  I need to search the Health shops here and see what I can find.  Anyone who reads this blog live in SA and know about protein shakes????
Will update my weight on Friday as I am doing 4 Attack days according to what Dr Dukan advised.

This blog will include my Dukan updates but also be my personal diary so it will not be exclusively Dukan.

Hope everyone out there had a good day.
Jeanette xx

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