Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 30 Cruise

I have been on this diet for 30 days so a month. In that time I have lost over 5 kg. That is pretty good going and I am writing this as I have started feeling like things are a bit stagnant. That I imagine is the advantage of daily weighing - constant motivation.
I have started feeling like things are slowing down but that is because I have to wait to weigh.
It is quite ironic really - you finally manage to motivate yourself to go on diet, and make it through the first week . You start feeling good about yourself and with this diet you see some pretty instant results too.
Now 4 weeks in why the dip in motivation????
I don't feel tempted to eat non Dukan foods - which is absolutely amazing!!
I want to lose faster, more................this is where as I mentioned in yesterdays post where exercise comes in. I also think this is where other people motivating you come in.
I have read other Dukan dieters blogs daily and I have found them a source of inspiration.

So even though no one really reads my blog except for my very best friend I want to thank all you Dukan bloggers out there. Keep encouraging each other!!!

Day 29 Cruise PP

Breakfast - no time
Snack - piece of cake at a friend
Lunch - Oat bran porridge
Snack - crab sticks
Supper - savoury mince

Drank about 1.5 l and a diet pepsi and mint tea

Thinking I need to start some exercising to get things moving faster - it is just so HOT still.

My friends came round tonight and I served them chips, caramel popcorn, nuts and chocolate digestives. I actually did not feel like eating any of those - I was quite amazed!!!
And every-time I have eaten something carby it does not taste as great as I remembered - what is that about??

I find that I am really struggling to have PP days. I must steel myself to just have a few of those PP days to make up for the PV. I go the whole day with just protein and then I eat a salad or have veg at night - UGH

Monday, August 30, 2010

Baked eggplant and mince - Sheikh Mehshi - Lebanese dish


2 large eggplants
1 onion
200 g lean beef mince
salt & pepper
3 T tomato paste
Tin of chopped tomatoes or fresh - optional

Peel and slice the egg plants into thickish slices. Sprinkle with salt.
Lay them in a baking tray.
Lightly spray a frying pan and fry the onions and mince.
Add the tomato paste and a little water if it looks dry.
When the mince is cooked put the mince on top of the slices of egg plant and bake in the oven for about 1/2 hour on 180 or until the egg plants are tender.

I always add more tomato paste and even a can of chopped tomatoes. The mince needs to be fairly saucy and cover the eggplants.
Some people add green pepper to the mince.

If you were not on Dukan you could add some pine nuts sprinkled on top - YUMMY

Day 28 Cruise

It was a PV day today. I went out for lunch with a friend so salads are great on these days.
Breakfast - oops nothing cos I was running late
Snack - 2 times coffee
Lunch - Greek salad with a few tsp dressing
Supper - Oat bran porridge and left over sausages - kind of a weird combination I know........
Definitely drank enough today although I had 3 coffees - more than usual.

Told my friend about Dukan as she is a Atkins fan. Hope she also tries it.
It was a good day and I feel encouraged.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 27 PP

Breakfast - Oat bran porridge
Lunch - eggplant(OK I know that is veg) and mince baked in oven - it was YUMMYYYYY
Supper - little beef sausages

It was weigh day this morning and I felt good after losing another KG.
My goal of losing 5 kg by end of August was reached. Now 10 kg is my next mini goal.

Day 26 PV

Well I have been having so many PV days mostly from necessity as we were invited out and at least I can eat people's salad's and meat without offending them.
I put off weigh day until today(Day 27) and I was pleasantly surprised.

Down a KG so that is 5.5 lost now in 4 weeks. Again I am sure it would be more if I was not making all the little adjustments but hey I am happy with this and I can live with this. I am rather excited and I can't wait to get to 10 kg. That will really be something.

Breakfast - nothing BAD
Snack - 2 oat biscuits
Lunch - BBQ chicken and salad
Snack - Oat bran porridge
Supper - salad and yoghurt
Snack - 2 oat biscuits

I was so hungry, I have no idea why?? maybe it threw me that I did not have my oat bran for breakfast??
I will post todays food(Day 27) at the end of the day. I must get into the habit of posting at the end of each day but to be fair when I tried last night the internet was down so this is the best I could do.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 25 Cruise PP

Breakfast - oat bran porridge
Snack/ Lunch - Turkey Ham
Snack/Lunch - 2 fried eggs and Prune no fat yoghurt
Supper - Chicken - grilled on BBQ from Abu Deeb

Have decided to have another PP day tomorrow and will weigh myself on Sunday/Monday.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 24 Cruise

All day PP until we were invited out for supper. The hardest part of this diet is managing when you go out and you tend to be out a lot for meals here during ramadan.

Breakfast - oat bran porridge
Lunch - 4 slices smoked turkey ham
Snack - 3 no fat/sugar biscuits with my tea
Supper - salad, kafta(meat), chicken, 2 T rice, 1 piece of watermelon

The melon and rice was put on my plate along with loads of other things. I tried my best to minimize the damage!
I read on someone's blog that the worst thing about this stage is that if you cheat or eat the wrong foods it messes the week up. I fear that may be true. If I read back and see where all I have gone wrong it all adds up.
It will be easier when we are all back to our schedules and Ramadan is over.

Drinking lots of water and liquids so that is not a concern. Am going to try make muffin recipe today.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 23 Cruise

What is kind of worrying me is all the PV days. It is just so much easier to be on PV when you have guests or you are going out. Oh well the scales will tell on Saturday whether I need to add in more PP days. Most of the day is PP but supper normally ends up as PV.
On the plus side my stomach is feeling better so that is good.

Breakfast - oat bran porridge and tea
Lunch - 0 fat, no sugar strawberry yoghurt
Supper - Crab salad and shish taouk - chicken
I cheated and had some Diet ice cream that my friend bought especially for me cos I am on diet. Of course I ate it without checking whether there were loads of carbs.

Feeling full of energy which is great and the aches and pains have stopped. Also the problems I was having with my urine seem to be gone. Dukan seems to agree with my body.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 22 Cruise PV

Breakfast - Oat bran porridge
Lunch - smoked salmon and low fat Philadelphia
Supper - scrambled eggs with grated baby marrow, onion, crab, diet Halloum and low fat Philadelphia - YUMMYYYYY
Snack - veg sticks and 2 very small Ramadan pancakes with cheese

Still drinking loads of water with a daily diet pepsi most days.

Well my stomach is still dodgy and crampy. I knew I was going out on a visit so I was hoping there would be veg sticks. Rola knows I am on DD so she had done a whole bowl of veg sticks. What a nice friend.
The pancakes however - I just decided to try. They were good but I was not tempted to have more. I figured that I have had a runny tummy so most of what I put in must have come out anyway.........well that was my flawed logic.........lol

The exciting thing was that Rola and Rashelle both commented on my weight loss and how they could see it so that was so nice. It is comments like that, that keep you going.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 21 Cruise PP

Woke up with runny tummy although I think it may be getting better.
We stayed over with friends and so breakfast was pancakes. I left my oatbran behind.

Breakfast - 1 pancake and syrup
Lunch - nothing except coffee
Snack - smoked salmon and cream cheese(1/2 fat)
Supper - Oat bran porridge and yoghurt

Not a good day eating wise so hopefully now I am back home I will get back in line.
I have been eating this way for 3 weeks now and still feeling really good and motivated. Seeing a difference on the scales and in my clothes keeps me going. Can't wait until I try on my jeans when it s cooler.

My goal is to be 67 kg by end August.

Day 20 Cruise

My stomach was still really funny yesterday but I did have breakfast. the rest of the day was a bit hard as we were out for lunch and tea but I was quite pleased with myself.

Breakfast - Oat bran porridge
Lunch - 1/2 quesadilla - beef and 1/2 chicken salad
Snack - was offered some delicious looking little cakes but I refused. had 2 little spinach triangles instead
Supper - 1/2 arabic bread scrambled egg and tomato sandwich
small caramel chocolate

So as you can see I was not very good but because I have had a runny tummy for 2 days I was thinking I might get away with it.
Drank a lot and I am not sure all the coffee helped my tummy either.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 19 Cruise PV

Yippee I weighed in this morning and the scales said 68.5. I am so pleased. Another kg gone. So in total I have lost 4.5. Another 15.5 to go.
It should have been a PP day but we had a meal on the beach so PV was easier

Breakfast - oat bran porridge
Snack - none
Lunch - salad, fish and chicken
Snack - none
Supper - yoghurt and jelly

I have had a funny tummy today. Have been drinking loads so that is better.
Taking my pill too so that helps with feeling good about myself.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 18 Cruise PV

Breakfast - oat bran porridge and coffee
Lunch - Salad with haloum and mint, parsley, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, g pepper and garlic
Snack - 3 mueslie biscuits - no sugar/no fat
Supper - some french fries off kids plate - BAD
Snack - kneffeh and pastry at visit

Not sure I drank enough! weighed in just to check and I weighed 68.5. So that is good - another KG but will weigh properly tomorrow am at my weekly weigh in.


Last night we went on a visit and there I had 2 sugary things to eat. Well I did not eat all of them but it was certainly more sugar than I have had in a while.
Firstly what is interesting to note - the pastry tasted greasy and to be honest I did not enjoy it - SURPRISE
Secondly I only ate it because it was given to me not because I wanted it.

This morning I felt awful when I woke up and I wondered if it was because of the sugar last night???
It is worth mentioning that I feel my tastes are changing - that is a good thing!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 17 Cruise PP

Breakfast - Oat bran porridge
Snack - oat biscuit
Lunch - left over chicken bits BBQ
Snack - a few nuts while I was out - pumpkin seeds
Supper - omelette with diet haloum and 1 slice of fondel cheese

1 coffee, 1 diet pepsi, 4 glasses water, 2 Arabic coffees

Think I better do another PP day tomorrow. We will have a visit tomorrow night so it will be hard to refuse everything. I might have to have a tiny bit of whatever they serve me. Thinking of weighing myself and hopefully that will either encourage me or motivate me???

Whenever I read other people's blogs and see how much they are eating I am wondering if I am eating enough. Truely I am not eating very much. Normally I would not be able to survive on this little food.
This week has been much better, I find I can stick to this diet easily and it can be adjusted quite easily as well.
I was thinking that it has been 17 days since I had a piece of bread - WOW.
17 days since I have had chips, sweets, chocolates etc and I feel better for it. I have had a few cravings lately - for sweet things. I bought some sugar free jelly so will be making some tonight.


Just wanted to post to say how important I am realising breakfast is. Yesterday I did not have a good day and I think it was because I did not have time for breakfast. I didn't eat badly but I just did not feel so satisfied as normal.

I also am really convinced that this diet is for me! I feel better without carbs and the only thing I am missing loads is fruit. I feel healthy and I am sleeping well - which is always a good sign of health for me.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 16 Cruise - PV

Breakfast - NOTHING
Snack - Oat biscuit
Lunch - BBQ on beach - salad and fish
Snack - 2 oat biscuits
Supper - some cold left over chicken from beach BBQ

I did not have my oat bran today as I just had no time. I really missed it although I was not struggling with feeling hungry.
Don't think I drank as much as I should have but I had a diet pepsi, cup of tea and about 3 tall glasses of water.

Still feeling pretty good and excited to weigh on Saturday am. Tomorrow will be a PP day for sure.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 15 Cruise PP

I have decided to put PP or PV in the title so I can keep track of how many veg days I am having.
Breakfast - nothing, I woke up too late and got busy - BAD
Lunch - Oat bran porridge
Supper - chicken wing and 2 fried eggs.
Dessert - fat free cranberry yoghurt - with pieces.

I am still feeling motivated although I struggled without veg. It is bad enough without fruit, but just protein and no fresh veg is hard.

Still need to drink some water today but had 2 coffees, a tea, 2 glasses of water and 1/2 glass pepsi
Still not feeling very hungry - is that a bad thing???? I am sure when the weather cools down I will feel hungrier. Then I will be bemoaning the fact that I am hungry, so I best just appreciate it while it lasts.

Day 14 Cruise - wedding

We had a wedding in the evening so I tried not to eat too much
Breakfast - oat bran porridge
Lunch - BBQ'd chicken leg and thigh
Supper - wedding

I tried not to eat any carbs at the wedding and I ate salads and meat but I am sure that some of the things probably had carbs in the sauces. I drank loads of water and diet pepsi so that was fine. We did not stay for the sweets as it was over an hours drive to get back. That took care of that temptation.

Need to have some PP days as I have been mostly having PV days. I just can't live without salads!!! 5 days until weigh day so hopefully will do 3 PP days this week.

You know I think I have an addiction to oat bran porridge! Do you think that is a problem????

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 13 Cruise

Well today went much better.
Breakfast - Oat bran porridge
Lunch - Greek Salad(we were out at the pool)
Supper - 2 Fried eggs and 3 crab pieces from a tin.
Ugh tinned crab is not as nice as frozen but it will do.

Have not really felt hungry today, but thirsty and craving sweet so a diet pepsi helped with that.
Have drunk loads and done some exercise - swimming so all in all a great day. I am feeling so much better. It was supposed to be a PP day but it was PV.

I weighed myself!!!

I did anyway after all that spieel and guess what?? I lost 1.5 kg in a week. So if I had been good I am sure it would have been more but I am so excited. Woo hoo.........

Friday, August 13, 2010

Attack that weight!

I was supposed to weigh myself today but after 3 days of disaster I aint going near that thing. Actually I have not gotten up yet, so maybe I should weigh myself again. hmm
we will see.
Here's to a new day! Thank goodness for them.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 5 Cruise

Today started off better with my oat bran porridge and then we left the mountains to go stay in Beirut. We were invited to lunch with a friend and that is where is all started to go wrong. She offered us baklava and loads of little cakes. I resisted the cakes but had 2 little baklava and that did not help my developing sweet tooth.
Breakfast - oat bran porridge
Snack - 2 small baklava
Lunch - chicken pieces and fattoush(it had a bit of oil and baked bread)
Snack -
Supper - some cheese and lettuce and tomatoes

I am feeling pretty discouraged now after that and am glad that I have to wait to weigh until saturday as I will have to be really good tomorrow. It is just so hard here in Lebanon when you go to someone's house and they have either made or bought these delicious things to offer you. Eating is so much part of the culture - How am I ever going to lose weight?????

Oh well tomorrow is a new day - a PP day so we will see how that goes.
It is only myself I am cheating on, no one else!
Drank loads of water so that is fine! Forgot my pill as well, so maybe we will just pretend this day never happened.

Day 4 Cruise

Oh it was hard today! I could not post yesterday as there was no electricity last night so we all went to bed with candles.
Breakfast - Oatmeal
Lunch - I was served a chicken and rice meal and I picked the chicken off and ate a salad
Snack - I ate 4 low fat no sugar biscuits. Once I started I could not stop wanting sweet things. Also a yoghurt - 0 % but it had fruit pieces in.
Supper - I made a stirfry with baby marrow, carrot, spring onion, a little bit of cheese and an egg.

I think that I can understand why you have to cut out carbs completely. I had 1 biscuit and could not stop. Oh well I was hoping that Wednesday would go better...............but it didn't!!!!
I can also see the value in weighing every day or so as you either encourage yourself or motivate yourself to do better!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 3 Cruise

Well today was supposed to be a PV day but it ended up being a PP day. I have not been hungry at all - possibly due to the heat.
Breakfast - Oat bran porridge
Lunch - the inside of a chicken sandwich and some pickle
Supper - the inside of a sausage sandwich

I have drunk loads of water today and 2 diet cokes and 2 cups of tea.
I am thinking that I have had 2 PP days so tomorrow will be a PV day and maybe the next one as well. It is always hard when you are away from home, with food as you have less choices.

I am desperate to weigh myself and I am having to force myself to wait until Friday or saturday. It will be good to lose another kg hopefully and by waiting hopefully it will happen.
I feel good and feel like my clothes are already loose around the tummy but ???
It was a good day....

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 2 Cruise

Well today was back to PP(pure protein) so that was kinda hard again.

Breakfast - yummy delicious oat bran porridge
Lunch - chicken leg/thigh and 2 crab sticks with diet halloum cheese
Snack - left over fat free flavoured yoghurt
Supper - 2 eggs and some spring onion

Water - drank loads, tea
We had a visit tonight so I was wondering how I would be able to politely say no to all they offered. I took 2 sips of Mango juice, they also made Mughli(for when a baby is born) I ate about 6 small spoons and left the rest. I was feeling bad but then I reminded myself that it is my body I am putting these things into and I have a right to say no. The culture here seems to allow Lebanese to do that but not foreigners. We have to eat and drink everything that is put in front of us.
Anyway so tomorrow is a PV day which I am excited about. We go up to the mountains tomorrow so looking forward to cooler air.

Oats for breakfast

I just made the most delicious breakfast porridge oats. I used the oatbran and it was delicious - kind of surprising!
It is a PP day today so will have to say goodbye to veggies. I also read up the back of the oat bran packet and saw that it is exactly the same as the normal oats I have. I was worrying about what to do when the oat ban was finished but I can use regular oats until I manage to get someone to bring me more oat bran.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 1 Cruise

I have been on Dukan Attack for 5 days and today was the first day I could eat vegetables and boy was I looking forward to that. Today my food looked like this:
Breakfast - diet jelly and yoghurt
Lunch - big green salad and half a boiled egg
Supper - BBQ at beach - fish, chicken and mince, also salad
Dessert - fat free yoghurt with oat bran

So I feel like I ate loads today but it was all within my allowed foods. Because my scale is so old I will only weigh in once a week................

SW - 73 CW - 71