Friday, November 26, 2010

woo hoo - 1/2 kg gone.

I have been having an interesting week. I always know how stressed I am by the amount of baking that I am doing. Suffice to say my biscuit tins are FULL. I made more snickerdoodles and some lemon cake - I am also trying to find a nice recipe that is easy and chocolatey as I want to give bags of biscuits for Christmas. Snickerdoodles and ???? Any ideas would be appreciated. 2 key words - chocolatey and easy!

I made some salmon fish cakes this last week and they were divinely yummy. Except they kept falling apart so I can't say they were fish cakes - more like fish bits!
I also made a artichoke and spinach bake that had Philly light, zero fat yoghurt(instead of sour cream) a bit of low fat mayo(oops) and some cheese(he he double oops). I baked it for 20 min and oh my - it was yummo. I have decided to try it with the artichokes not quite so finely chopped next time and see what happens.

The other thing is that I am watching 24 and I am a crazy woman when I watch that. I can't stop and just watch one episode after another. Then I feel like eating because I get so stressed watching it and I always eat when I am agitated. Oh dear - I can't win.

Anyway I am plodding along, mostly eating Dukan, spurred along by the occasional compliment and I am happy. Hope that all my friends are doing well.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back to school

Well it was indeed a killer getting up. Of course it was not helped by my 6 year coming into our bed twice claiming nightmares. So eventually I gave up and went to sleep in her bed while she stayed in bed with daddy.

Breakfast - some small pastries
Lunch - last of meatloaf and fat free yoghurt with Oat bran
Supper - ratatouille and salad
1 Maltezer off a cake - naughty!!!!

I sorted out all my winter clothes and threw loads in the "to give away pile"
Now if only it would get cold enough to wear them.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Yet another PV day

I have got to make an effort to have some PP days. I just have gotten used to being able to have veggies whenever I feel like it.
Breakfast - meat loaf and cauliflower - weird I know
Lunch - Oat bran porridge
Supper - Meat loaf and broccoli and cauliflower

It was a good day because I did have lots of good food.
It was a bad day because I had a scone and a piece of chocolate cake. Plus I baked snikerdoodles and one broke off as I was lifting it from the pan so of course.............I had to eat it!!!

So it seems the pattern is one great Dukan day and one AWFUL Dukan day.

I also drank loads of water today and felt like I had loads more energy again today. Boo hoo it is back to school for me tomorrow. We had a lovely week off and boy did I need it. I stayed home a lot and slept a lot so it is going to be a killer getting up early tomorrow am.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Not my baby!!!!!

We went on a geo cache outing and this was snapped. I am wearing my old jeans - yippee

Day 110 - A perfect day dare I say it

Well today was the best day in weeks. I was good and I had breakfast again, then I stuffed myself with eggs and then I felt full. I have decided to ALWAYS have breakfast and even have more food if it will help. I did not eat more over al today but I had a huge breakfast/brunch.

Brunch - Oat meal porridge and 2 fried eggs
Supper - meatballs coked in tinned tomatoes and meatloaf baked in the oven. Cauliflower - steamed.

So I did not eat loads but I felt full all day which is good. Woo hoo - 6 kg you will be vapourized soon.
I walked as well although not very fast:-(

Yay - I am going to bed very happy with my good day. How was everyone elses day????

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 108 - half way there

Well I am pleased to say that I am doing the walking bit of the Dukan. However I do not seem to be able to walk and eat correctly. And I thought all women could multi-task!!!
So the exercising is going great.
Hmm it is a curious fact as to why my motivation has waned. You would think that seeing as I have gone over the 1/2 way mark I would see the end in sight. Instead the end is dragging on because I can't focus again. Oh well, maybe the next week will go better? Or is that the exact lackluster attitude that caused me to gain all this weight in the first place???

Everyone else is doing so well and I am so pleased for you. Now if I could just take my own advice and keep going strong. Hope everyone is having a GREAT day!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 105 - why are things not moving???

Well it is a Monday morning............a new day and a new week ahead! My aim this week is to lose 1 kg and I will be helping it along with some major exercise!
The thing I have realised is that for this diet to work it has to be part of your life. So foodwise I think I am pretty much on the right track - I know what I can and cannot eat. However Exercise is also supposed to be part of your daily routine and that is where I have failed I am ashamed to say. I know that if I had been exercising daily I would have lost all the weight by now.

So my aim this week is a 20 min walk every day! I am going to write down on my blog if I do it or not so if I don't do it - all your Dukaners out there feel free to yell at me!!! In fact I am counting on you to yell at me!!

Woo it is Monaday and we have the rest of the week off for various holidays...........can't wait!!
Have a great day everyone!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 101

Breakfast - Oat bran porridge
Lunch - salad and 2 low carb pieces of arabic bread with cream cheese light and lettuce
Supper - savoury mince meat

I had a slight disaster last night with some M & M's. My husband is away for meetings in Cyprus and I must have been feeling lonely. I had an open bag in the fridge and before I knew it I was eating a handful. I can't even say I had 2 or 3 it was more like 20.......... However they were delicious and I enjoyed every bite.
I also managed to have some exercise yesterday - I walked. All in all I fell into bed exhausted at about 8:30 and must have been asleep by 9.

Ready for a new day today..............Good morning everyone!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 100

Breakfast - zero fat yoghurt and Oat bran
Lunch - 2 eggs, 2 turkey sausages
Supper - Chicken, bit of left over beef, small amount of salad!
Disaster - 2 pieces of peanut brittle

Ok so much for being good. It seems every day something comes along and sabotages my day. I was so strong and now it seems I am tempted by everything!!
I need to try some new recipes and eat some different things! I find something I like, I eat it and then get sick of eating so much of it. Thankfully that has not happened with the Oatbran so far!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 99 - Back to basics

Breakfast - none except a coffee and a tea
Lunch - left over chicken from yesterday and left over asparagus, 2 turkey sausages
Supper - salad with crab and a bit of halloum
Snack - Oat bran porridge

A good day today with some exercise as well. It is my TOM so that would explain my strange cravings over the weekend before it started!!!

Have been drooling over the Christmas recipes in a few mags that a friend lent me, yummyyyyyyy
I can't wait for Christmas - it is my fave time of year and I LOVE baking so have some special recipes planned.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The promised weigh in - a pleasant surprise!!

Well I stood on the scales with trepidation this morning and I have to say this was after I had drank my tea, and I even had my pj's on!!!!
I weighed 63 - phew so all the relaxing has not made me put on weight. I am determined to lose the other 6 kg now and so far today has been good.
I can the live the way I have been eating and once I have lost the weight it seems that for the most part I can maintain it.
Breakfast - zero fat yoghurt and Oat bran
Lunch - 2 eggs, turkey sausage and some diet halloum cheese - just a tiny bit.
Supper - chicken and asparagus!!!

I am going to have some major PP days to get back on track.

Hello Dukan..............bye bye carbs!!!
On another note, the trousers I was wearing today - I AM NEVER wearing them again. My pile of clothes to "hopefully never fit into again" is growing larger by the day.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Major DISASTER - back to basics

The title should say it all!!
Needless to say today was a disaster from beginning to end. We were out all day and just ate whatever I felt like.
So I am feeling a bit ugh - for 2 reasons. One - from the overload of carbs and two - from disappointment and my lack of willpower. As I keep saying to myself, tomorrow is another day, a clean page, a new start!!!

So from tomorrow it is back to basics for a while!!!
I will weigh myself tomorrow and write whatever my weight is down here - I PROMISE!!!!

I like the statement, "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels" I read it in a book somewhere ages ago and one of my blogging friends reminded me of it. So true.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Weekend away last week

This is me and my husband and I finally fit into a pair of jeans that was just waiting in my cupboard...............

Day 94

I have sort of given up trying to lose anymore - I am reasonably happy with my new self but would like to keep going if I can manage to motivate myself again!!!
The way I am eating is good for maintaining my weight, maybe I will start on Monday - WOW does that sound like the classic dieters rant!!

Breakfast - Oatbran porridge
Lunch - 1/2 Mushroom sandwich at Costa
Supper - bobotie leftovers and 2 turkey franks
Was not such a hungry day today - I was really busy and I made more of an effort to drink water rather than tea or coffee. Water definitely seems to curb my appetite more than tea/coffee so I guess that is a good thing.

We had a parents meeting this afternoon and well over 100 parents showed up. It was great and they were very encouraging and complimentary about my weight loss. That is the thing, living in a ME context - people here will just come right out and tell you if you look fat or spotty or thin and unwell etc etc. I have been here 12 years and I am still not used to the brutality of it! Luckily at the moment I seem to be on the positive side - phew!!!!!!!!

Hope you all had a good day!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 93 - it took me a while to figure the dates out again!!!

Breakfast - Oat bran and zero fat yoghurt
Lunch - steak and a bit of green salad
Snack - 3 biscuits, 2 slices roast beef, 1 turkey frank
Supper - Quasadillas and a turkey frank

All in all a very hungry day again! When I look back at my food diaries and see how little I was eating some days I wondered how I survived. I am really hungry!!! Is this happening to anyone else???
I spent a long time talking to a friend at school who has been on a hard diet and has had her hair falling out and she looks and feels unwell. I was telling her about Dukan and when she told me some of the things her Dr. suggested I could not even believe he was a Dr.! She was told not to look at trees and not to go near body creams. She also had to have a complete food fast for the first 30 hours. She was so pleased she lost 3 kg. I told her it was probably all water and I was raving about Dukan while trying not to criticize her previous diet. Unbelievable!!!
I gave her details and told her to look it up on the web. One of the things I loved about the Dukan book was that it was easy to read and I learnt things about why my body responds the way it does. I felt like it really educated me about diet and thinking about food.

Oh well thus ends my rant on quack diets!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day ???? - I have lost track..........

I have missed my blog........been so busy and we went away for a while so here is what is happening with me.
I have not lost any more weight but then I have been cheating left right and centre. The great thing is that I have not gained any weight either so the way I am living now is good for maintenance. I have just stocked up my fridge with loads of protein and am about to have a 3 PP day stretch to get me back into my habits.
While we were away I had the odd treat here and there but I did control myself.
I tried to eat the salads and proteins but they only had full fat milk so I had my coffee/tea and daily porridge with full cream instead.
Still it was encouraging as it showed me that I can do this lifestyle - DUKAN has definitealy changed the way I think and eat and I am pleased.
Ok well this was todays line up:
Breakfast - zero fat yoghurt and Oat bran
Snack - 2 pieces roast beef ham
Lunch - salad and plain grilled steak, 2 Turkey franks
Supper - Salad with a few shavings of turkey ham, 1 Turkey frank
1 small piece of chocolate cake............oops:-)

I have also been making a concerted effort to drink more as now that it has cooled down I am struggling to drink water. I have been drinking way too much coffee and tea.
My mini goal is to get back on track and lose those 6 kg. I am happy where I am but I would be happier minus 6 kg.

So hello to all you fellow Dukaners out there - I have missed you!!!