Monday, June 20, 2011


Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs, and 2 cups of tea
Lunch - Oat bran cookie and cup of tea
Supper - Meat Bolognese and salad.

It was a pretty good day. I walked and and am counting down the hours until I see my hubby and son after 8 weeks of being apart. woo hoo - feeling good tonight.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weigh Day - The TRUTH

I weighed this morning and I was pleasantly surprised. I have not been angelic by any means but I have been thinking a lot more about what I put in my mouth.
weight 72 kg!!!! Motivation!!!!!!

Sunday update

Well weigh day is tomorrow which I am not terribly looking forward to. However I will do it and post it - I promise!!!
This is what I ate today -
Breakfast - tea and Oat bran cookie
More tea
Lunch - small, weeny, teeny, insy, helping of lasagna:-( and salad
Supper - soup, tea and coffee, small shortbread

I have realised that one of the reasons I was so successful before was that I planned in advance. I looked up recipes and made them. I was also in my own house but it is still doable if I just plan.

So the week started well and I ate a total of 5 meals out so that was a pretty tough week when you are trying to control your eating.
I was wondering if other people who are making the Oat bran cookie, find their cookie tough or crispy? I would like to have it crispy, should I turn it around and zap it on the other side too???

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday snacking.............

The day started great - I woke up feeling good and before I rushed out I made the Oat bran cookie which was great - Thanks Vicky for getting me onto that!
Went off to the hairdresser and had a lovely time.
Came home and that is when the trouble started, I was hungry. So instead of doing something clever like making some eggs or opening some tuna I went shopping and bought rolls and cold meats. I had a roll with cheese and ham!!
Then I went to a baby shower still hungry - and you guessed what happened..............I ate some carbs that I should not have and the weird thing is that when I got home my stomach started gurgling and making noises - that always happens when I eat carbs!!

So after the is a summary of what I ate today:
Breakfast - Oat bran cookie - good but somehow not filling enough???
tea, coffee x2 and water
Lunch - cheese and ham roll
babyshower - carrot cake, 2 mini mini quiches, 1 sausage roll and coffee
Supper - calamari and chicken, coke light

So here I am feeling very sorry for myself and wondering how on earth I ever managed to lose 10 kg and stay motivated for those 3 months?????
Hope tomorrow is a better day..........

Friday, June 17, 2011

Cruel carbs cause cramps

I now feel exhausted as I come off a high of 4 bites of red berry cheese cake. If you want a laugh..........I asked the waitress"Is that cherry cheesecake I see?" She said, "No that is red berry cheese cake" I asked her" What kind of berry is red berry cheese cake?" She said" Well you know the blue berry cheese cake, it is the same just a red berry" I was like, "ok.......huh????" All I can say is you've got to love South Africa!!!!
The things you do to stay motivated - I am now making up tongue twisters - I assure you ladies and gentlemen I am totally sober. I have been 48 hours without a chocolate and withdrawal craziness is kicking in!!!

OK this is what I ate today
Breakfast - after a 10 km(I kid you not) walk I ate a delicious bran muffin and did I feel bad - nope, I enjoyed every bite.
Tea and coffee
Lunch - 2 boiled eggs
Supper - chicken fahita, large glass of Coke light and extremely large glass of water. So large I will probably be up in the night to visit the loo, and 4 bites of red berry cheese cake.

Oh so today did not go so well either but what can I say?? I made a decision to be totally honest, because if I can't be honest with people reading my blog I am lying to myself!

Tomorrow is a new day - another day to try. I will keep trying.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wed and Thursday together - not so perfect:-(

I was away last night so could not update my blog so I will put both on together.
Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs
Lunch - a pepper steak pie - I know, I know:-( and Oatbran porridge
Supper - Chicken in mustard sauce and roasted oven veg
DISASTER - 5 quality sweet type sweets - It was cold - that is all I can say!!!
I drank loads of water, tea and coffee so my liquids were fine.

Breakfast - 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter and a dab of honey on
Lunch - Salad with chicken, mushrooms, bacon and avo
Supper - Oatbran

So all in all not a good day eating wise. Well I will keep trying and tomorrow I have my 10 km walk - a power walk I might add!!!

Good night cruel world full of carbs and tempting foods....................

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

rainy cold day..........NO SNACKING ALLOWED

Hello everyone, I am trying to update regularly in the hopes that this will motivate me to STOP snacking and type when I feel hungry. After my meal out last night even though I was careful I expected to see a rise on the scales and i was so pleased that I had not put on anything. Of course I would have liked to lose but hey I will settle for staying the same. Have you fellow Dukaners got any ideas of good meals to eat when you go to a restaurant?
I would be interested to hear your thoughts. If you are in Cape Town South Africa are there any restaurants that you recommend????

Have a GREAT day - no snacking okay???

Day 2 - The battle begins

Well today after weighing myself I was kind of bummed but decided to use it as a motivating factor. So this is what I ate today:

Breakfast - tea and 2 boiled eggs, 1 glass water
Cup of tea mid morning - to keep the munchies away!!!It worked!
Lunch - 2 pieces of roasted chicken without skin and glass of water
Mid afternoon cup of tea and a piece of ostrich biltong
1 coke light
Supper - OUT at a restaurant - I had grilled calamari strips and spinach and butternut. Not the best but better than chips! Also another coke light - (oops had 2 today now) and about 3 glasses of water.
Tea after supper and a spoon of grenadilla fridge cake(I know, I should have said no)

All in all I was quite pleased with my last 2 days. they have been pretty good days foodwise - not perfect but you gotta start somewhere.
Hope everyone else had a great Dukan day.

Monday, June 13, 2011

No words!!!

Ok so weighed myself today - 73 kg. That means that say I was 64(according to my Lebanese scale) when I arrived here. I have been so so with the eating but exercising lots and drinking lots of water. Lets assume that I put on 2 kg in the 2 months I have been here. That means my scale in Lebanon is totally out! How depressing in one way but I suppose motivating in another??
I am hoping to get to 71 with some attack days in between all the PV days. I am going out for so many meals this week - so unfair!!!
Have a good day everyone!

If you fail , keep trying until you succeed

That kind of says it all - about where I am at right now. I don;t want to give up but it was kind of discouraging to get to South Africa and weigh myself. In Lebanon onmy scale I weighed 64/65 kg. I bought a digital scale when I got here and I weighed. I am 72 kg. I know that it does not mean I did not lose but I thought I was at a lower weight than I was, so that bummed me out. Plus being here there are all sorts of yummy foods that people offer me and I find it so had to say no.
Breakfast - 2 fried eggs
2 cups of tea
Lunch - Oat bran porridge
1 cup black coffee
Supper - bobotie and steamed veg
1 tsp pineapple pudding that my mother in law made!!!!!!!!!
1 cup herbal tea

Went to Mugg and Bean and had a skinny Chai steamer, and a glass of water and lemon.
had about 2 glasses of water today.
Today was a better day than I have had in a while but need to keep it motivating for the rest of this week and I have almost every dinner out this week - argh!!!!
Starting weight - will register tomorrow as I started today without properly weighing.
Good night!!!