Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Given up attacking...........just surviving!

Well my title says it all. Motivation???? What is that?
I have well and truly lost it folks. Not that I am out of control or eating loads of things that I shouldn't but I have moved into maintaining my weight and I still have about 6 kg to lose. No matter how well my days start they end up with a few carbs here and there sneaking in. It does not affect my weight - I just stay the same.
Anyone got any bright ideas??? I need to motivate myself!!! How to do that is the question.
It is cold now so I don't want to drink water and from drinking gallons in the hot summer I am only drinking coffee and tea.
Tomorrow is another day so I can only hope - Actually as I type I have just remembered that we are going away in a week and a half's time for a weekend away at a hotel for our anniversary. Maybe that will motivate me to try my best to lose 1.5 kg for the occasion.
Hmm I will keep you posted as to whether my words make it into action!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January Attack Day 3

Yes well had a slightly not so good day so here goes:
Breakfast - nothing and that was the problem - WHEN WILL I LEARN???
Lunch - zaater croissant and shortbread cookie and.........it goes on.........2 almond sweet biscuit things
Supper - mince and egg and a WHOLE small bar of chocolate.

Well that was my day. In all honesty I know that if I had eaten breakfast it would have been so much better. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.
The bad news is that my friend came back from Scotland and gave me a Christmas present - a whole box of Thornton's chocolates - I LOVE THORNTONS. What shall I do????

Oh well hoping you all had a better day than me. It is really cold here and rainy so I have been getting my water in through lots of tea and coffee. Do you think that makes you hungrier or not???

Monday, January 3, 2011

January Attack Day 2

Well I made it through the day yesterday and even managed not to snack at night. I am late having my breakfast this morning as I just got home from teaching my first ever Grade 12 class English. I must have been more nervous than I though but it went quite well. All the kids and there are only 8 of them - have lived overseas and have foreign passports so they cannot do regular Arabic. So I am teaching them Project English.

Anyway to get back to food - I am now sitting down with a cup of coffee and my delicious Oatbran porridge. It is a rainy cold day so perfect for Oatbran.
Not sure if the rest of the day will go as planned but this is what is planned:
Breakfast - Oatbran
Lunch - Fried eggs and some low fat turkey franks
Supper - left over savoury mince/meatballs - we will see how we go.

Also planning a yoghurt at some stage.

Ok well I will check back later.

January Attack Day 1

Well I did it - I finally gathered the courage to weigh myself after over a month of not being on Dukan. I was fairly choosey in what I ate for most of December but over Christmas - Oh My WORD! Mince Pies, Christmas cakes, pastries - you name it I ate it especially my personal favourite - SHORTBREAD.
Anyway, I digress, I was surprised that I had only put on 1 KG so after that I was quite pleased.

Today looked like this:
Breakfast - Oatbran porridge with sweetener
Lunch - 2 fried eggs, 3 small pickled onions, 3 olives and 2 low fat turkey franks.
Supper - savoury mince and a zero fat fruit yoghurt

I am not sure what it is but I was so determined to start today and I must admit that I have been craving all these things that I have been eating lately. Today was hard - although not impossible and I am posting early because I was afraid that if I did not write this down I may add something naughty to what I eat today. My theory is that once something is written down - it is over so that means today is officially over - excuse my weird theory - it is my body trying to persuade me to eat carbs again.

I plan on doing attack for 3 days possibly 5 but I would rather move on to veggies than cheat, so maybe 3 days is enough. What do you all think? How many days should I do? I have 6 kg to lose still and want to get them lost and out the way.
Hope that everyone elses' day went really well and that all of you who are starting attacks or getting back on Dukan have a good day.

Happy New Year everyone.