Thursday, September 9, 2010

Carrot cake dilemma

Ok well today was my husband's birthday and I made 2 cakes - chocolate and carrot cake. Carrot being one of my absolute favourites - boo hoo
I was very good although I did lick the frosting spoon - couldn't help it.

Anyway there I was watching a whole lounge full of people eating cake and I could not have any. Well I could but I didn't want to.
So I was inspired to search for a recipe to make muffins or something cake like:
So here is is thanks to Sally:

chocolate muffins
(make enough for 6 muffins)
preheat oven to 180′c
4 tbsp oat bran
2 tbsp wheat bran
4 tbsp sweetner
7 tbsp vanilla yoghurt
1 egg
1tsp baking powder
2tbsp low fat cocoa powder

*put all ingredients in a bowl and mix spoon in muffin cases (silicone are easy to use)
* pop into oven for 15mins (depend on your oven)

1/2 sweetner
1 drop of vanilla extract
2 tbsp of light cream cheese

* mix ingredients and spread on muffins

And it was yummy even though I only added 1 T of sweetener instead of 4. Maybe she meant

4 t?? Who knows but they were delicious and I did them without the icing.

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