Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Given up attacking...........just surviving!

Well my title says it all. Motivation???? What is that?
I have well and truly lost it folks. Not that I am out of control or eating loads of things that I shouldn't but I have moved into maintaining my weight and I still have about 6 kg to lose. No matter how well my days start they end up with a few carbs here and there sneaking in. It does not affect my weight - I just stay the same.
Anyone got any bright ideas??? I need to motivate myself!!! How to do that is the question.
It is cold now so I don't want to drink water and from drinking gallons in the hot summer I am only drinking coffee and tea.
Tomorrow is another day so I can only hope - Actually as I type I have just remembered that we are going away in a week and a half's time for a weekend away at a hotel for our anniversary. Maybe that will motivate me to try my best to lose 1.5 kg for the occasion.
Hmm I will keep you posted as to whether my words make it into action!


  1. Hiiii Jeanette! It's been ages!!!
    I've just had a quick catch up on your blog and it's so awesome that you're still Dukan-ing away :)
    I've been super busy with my new job teaching English to Japanese children, and I'm sorry to say that I'm not doing the Dukan Diet while I'm living in Japan, I hope this means we can still be friends? :P
    I promise I'll pop back regularly to see how you're going and we can catch up. Lauren xoxo

  2. Hey Jeanette :)
    How are you going now? I hope things are ok for you. Let us know how you're going if you can xoxo