Tuesday, October 18, 2016

So....changed the name of my blog. I am no longer in limbo but still struggling to find a balance in my life.
Been in SA for over four years and I am now officially a faceless worker contributing to the national economy. What would I rather do, you ask yourself? Well I could think of a few exciting things.....

  • travel all over the world sightseeing and visiting friends
  • do something completely new and crazy - if I knew what it was, I would have done it already:-)
  • Go teach English in Asia or the Middle East
The truth is, I was never happy to stay in one place for any length of time. I constantly moan about how I hate change but it has taken me most of my life to realise that the change I so resist is the very thing that keeps me motivated and on track.

Being here for four years has made me realise that I need a change.....
Welcome to my new form of therapy, writing about my feelings and 'stuff' online and not giving a crap who sees it or reads it.
Not sure if that is liberating or terrifying..........

Here goes....this is me jumping out of my safe life and into ?