Friday, June 17, 2011

Cruel carbs cause cramps

I now feel exhausted as I come off a high of 4 bites of red berry cheese cake. If you want a laugh..........I asked the waitress"Is that cherry cheesecake I see?" She said, "No that is red berry cheese cake" I asked her" What kind of berry is red berry cheese cake?" She said" Well you know the blue berry cheese cake, it is the same just a red berry" I was like, "ok.......huh????" All I can say is you've got to love South Africa!!!!
The things you do to stay motivated - I am now making up tongue twisters - I assure you ladies and gentlemen I am totally sober. I have been 48 hours without a chocolate and withdrawal craziness is kicking in!!!

OK this is what I ate today
Breakfast - after a 10 km(I kid you not) walk I ate a delicious bran muffin and did I feel bad - nope, I enjoyed every bite.
Tea and coffee
Lunch - 2 boiled eggs
Supper - chicken fahita, large glass of Coke light and extremely large glass of water. So large I will probably be up in the night to visit the loo, and 4 bites of red berry cheese cake.

Oh so today did not go so well either but what can I say?? I made a decision to be totally honest, because if I can't be honest with people reading my blog I am lying to myself!

Tomorrow is a new day - another day to try. I will keep trying.


  1. After walking 10 km, you definitely deserved to eat that bran muffin with no guilt attached. :)

    Have you tried the quick-n-easy Dukan cookie yet? What do you think -- not bad, right?

  2. I did it this morning - it is so yummy! I wil def do it again. I am a breakfast on the run kind of person so the cookie is a great idea.

    I am feeling less crazy this morning so it must have been a post carb high!!!