Monday, June 13, 2011

If you fail , keep trying until you succeed

That kind of says it all - about where I am at right now. I don;t want to give up but it was kind of discouraging to get to South Africa and weigh myself. In Lebanon onmy scale I weighed 64/65 kg. I bought a digital scale when I got here and I weighed. I am 72 kg. I know that it does not mean I did not lose but I thought I was at a lower weight than I was, so that bummed me out. Plus being here there are all sorts of yummy foods that people offer me and I find it so had to say no.
Breakfast - 2 fried eggs
2 cups of tea
Lunch - Oat bran porridge
1 cup black coffee
Supper - bobotie and steamed veg
1 tsp pineapple pudding that my mother in law made!!!!!!!!!
1 cup herbal tea

Went to Mugg and Bean and had a skinny Chai steamer, and a glass of water and lemon.
had about 2 glasses of water today.
Today was a better day than I have had in a while but need to keep it motivating for the rest of this week and I have almost every dinner out this week - argh!!!!
Starting weight - will register tomorrow as I started today without properly weighing.
Good night!!!


  1. Welcome back!! Good to have you around Yes, you sum up everything. We keep trying until we reach our goals. Keep it up. you had a good day today. You're in South Africa now? Left Lebanon?

  2. Hi Julie - Thanks for the encouragement! I am visiting family in SA for a few months. In some ways there are more options here like cottage cheese and in others more temptations! Will be returning to Lebanon in early September. xx

  3. ohh, how fun! Have a great time & a great Dukan process!! you can do it :)